ZN63A-24 Indoor High-Voltage AC Vacuum Circuit Breaker
ZN63A-24 Indoor High-Voltage AC Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZN63A-24 Indoor High-Voltage AC Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZN63A-24 indoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is used in three-phase AC 50Hz indoor places with rated voltage of 24kV.
The circuit breaker comply with GB/T 1984 "High-voltage alternating-current circuit-breakers", GB/T 11022" Common specifications for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear standard", DL/T 402 "High-voltage alternating-current circuit-breakers", and IEC standard.


Working environment conditions:

1.1 Ambient temperature: Max. +40℃, Min.-15℃ (storage and transport at -30℃ are allowed

1.2 Relative humidity: Daily mean ≤95%; monthly mean ≤90%; Daily mean vapor pressure ≤ 1.2kPa; monthly mean vapor pressure ≤ 1.8kPa;

1.3 Altitude: Not exceed 1,000 meters.

1.4 Seismic intensity does does not exceed 8 magnitude scales.

1.5 There is no obvious pollutions such as dust, smoke, corrosive or flammable gas, steam gas, or salt spray in the ambient air.

1.6 The magnitude of the electromagnetic interference induced in the secondary system does not exceed 1.6kV. Note: If deviation of normal service conditions occurs, the customer should negotiate with the manufacturer.


Rated voltagekV24
Rated power   frequency withstand
    voltage (1 min)
Open contacts   79, phase to phase and to earth 65
Rated lightning   impulse withstand
    voltage (peak) 
Open contacts   145, phase to phase and to earth 125
Rated frequencyHz50
Rated currentA630
630 1250   1600
    2000 2500 3150
1250 1600 2000
    2500 3150
Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA20、2531.540
Rated short-circuit making current 50、63 80100
Rated short-time withstand current20、2531.540
Rated peak withstand current50、63 80100
Rated short circuit durations4
Rated operation sequence
Rated short-circuit breaking current Times5030
breaking times
Mechanical life10,000(Customized)
Rated operating voltageV220/110



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