ME Series Limit Switches
ME Series Limit Switches

ME Series Limit Switches

ME series limit switch is used in AC 50Hz circuit with a rated voltage up to 380V or a DC voltage up to 220V and with a current 5A for automatic control of the machine machinery and for moving mechanism action limit and program control.

ME Series Limit Switches





Product parameters:

1.1 Rated insulation voltage Ui: 380V

1.2 Resistive current Ith: 5A

1.3 Rated working voltage Ue: AC 380V, DC 220V.

1.4 Rated working current Ie: AC 0.8A, DC 0.16A.

1.5 Rated control capacity: AC300va, DC20W.

Normal operation and installation conditions:

1.1 Ambient temperature: -5℃ ~+40℃ .

1.2 Altitude: Not exceed 2000m.

1.3 Atmospheric conditions: The relative humidity does not exceed 50% when the ambient temperature is +40℃ ; higher relative humidity is allowed at a lower temperature. The mean maximum relative humidity of the wettest month is 90%, and the mean month minimum temperature of this month is +25℃ , and condensation on the product surface due to temperature changes shall be considered.

1.4 Pollution level: 2.

1.5 Installed at a place where there is no obvious shaking, impact or vibration.

1.6 Install before or after the plate, fixed with screws, and mounted at any angle.



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