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Solar energy is an important part of future energy.



With the gradual depletion of non-renewable energy sources and the increasing severity of global warming, it has become a global consensus to establish an energy system based on renewable energy sources and to implement green and sustainable development.

More than 130 countries and regions around the world have announced their "carbon neutral" targets, and by 2022 there will be 26 GW-class PV markets worldwide, accounting for 88.6% of total installed capacity.

Ground-mounted (centralized) solutions

Centralized photovoltaic power plants are mainly built in desert areas, with the characteristics of large power, few components, easy maintenance and excellent power quality, etc. The grid-connected voltage is generally 10KV or 35KV and above. The capacity of the power station is several tens of MW to several hundred MW. 

Ground-mounted station (String) Solutions

String photovoltaic power plants, with small size, low self-consumption and high efficiency, are currently the mainstream form of large photovoltaic power plants. The inverter used is generally 230kW and below. The grid-connected voltage is 10KV or 35KV and above. The capacity of the power station is several tens of MW to several hundred MW.

Large-scale distributed PV solutions

Large-scale distributed photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of 400KW or more are built on customer sites for local consumption, mainly on the grid, with a grid voltage of AC 380V or AC 10KV, mainly for building-integrated power plants and agricultural/fishery complementary power plants.

Commercial and industrial rooftop PV solutions

Medium-sized distributed photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of 400kW or less are built on the rooftops of customer buildings and are self-generating and grid-connected (or off-grid operation). Grid-connected voltage is generally AC380V, mainly on commercial and industrial rooftops and village power stations.

Residential PV Solutions

Small distributed photovoltaic power plant capacity is generally below 20kW, installed directly on the user's rooftop, using the mode of full access to the Internet or self-generation, surplus power access to the Internet, grid-connected voltage of AC220V or AC 380V, mainly household photovoltaic.

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