TGU3 series surge protective device (hereinafter referred to as SPD) has various protection modes such as
phase-to-phase, phase-to-earth, phase-to-neutral, neutral-to-earth, and their combinations; it is suitable for
AC 50/60Hz TT, IT, TN-S, and TN-C-S power supply system (or communication system) with voltage 380V
and below for protection of indirect thunder and lightning, direct thunder and lighting or other instantaneous
overvoltage and overcurrent surge for more effective electricity safety


Number of poles1P、2P、3P、4P1P、1P+N、2P、3P、3P+N、4P1P、2P、3P、4P
Rated frequency (Hz)50-60
Grid operational voltage220/380
Un (V)
Max. Continuous operating current Uc (V)385385
Voltage protection grade≤3.5≤3.0≤2.5≤2.3≤2.0≤1.8≤1.5≤2.2≤1.8
Up (kV)
Max. Discharge current16012010080604020Iimp25Iimp15
Imax (kA)
Nominal discharge current1007060403020103020
In (kA)
Response time Ta (ns)1001002525252525100100
L/N recommended diameter of connecting wire (mm)25,3516,2516,2516,2516,2510,1610,162516
PE recommended diameter of connecting wire (mm)3525,3525,3525,3525,3525253525
Matched fuse or circuit breaker(A)63,12563,10063,10032,6332,6325,3216,2563,12532,63
Protection gradeBBBBBCDBB
Test gradeClass II test (8/20 μs)Class I (10/350μs)



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