TGDY55 series surge protective device is used in the AC50/60Hz, 380V and below TTITTN-Sand TN-C-S power supply systems (or communication systems)for surge protection of indirect lightning and direct lightning or other transient overvoltage and overcurrent providing safe and effective electricity safety.
Surge protective device (hereinafter referred to as SPD) has many protection modes such as phase-to-phase phase-to-earth,phase-to-neutral line, and neutral-to-earth combined protection allowing that the back-end equipment of the low-voltage power distribution system and other equipment can be safely, extensively and effectively protected.
Available Standard: IEC 61643.1


Basic Parameters
Product modelTGDY55II-160TGDY55II-120TGDY55II-100TGDY55II-80TGDY55II-65TGDY55II-40TGDY55II-20TGDY55I-25TGDY55I-15
Number of poles1P/2P/3P/4P1P/1P+N/2P/3P/3P+N/4P1P/2P/3P/4P
Rated frequency (Hz)50/60
Grid oprating voltage Un(V)220/380
Max.continuous oprating voltage Uc(V)385
Voltage protection level Up(kV)≤3.0≤2.5≤2.5≤2.5≤2.0≤1.8≤1.5≤2.3≤2.0
Max. discharge current In(kA)16012010080654020Iimp25Iimp15
Normal discharge current In (kA)806050403020103020
Test level(product performance test waveform)Class C/T2/II test (8/20us)Class B/T1/I test(10/350us)



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