TDSGC2 and TDSGC2J series voltage regulator is a dry self-cooled and automatic coupling voltage regulator that can be widely used in many industries such as metallurgy, chemicals, instruments and apparatus, electromechanical manufacturing, light and textile industry, electromechanical manufacturing, and scientific experiment to achieve voltage regulation, temperature control, speed control, and light dimming.






Normal working conditions and installation conditions:

1.1 Ambient temperature:

    Max. temperature: +40℃

    Mean temperature of air of the hottest month: +30℃ ;

    Highest yearly mean temperature of air: +20℃ ;

    Minimum air temperature: -5℃

1.2 Altitude:

    Altitude does not exceed 1000m.

1.3 Atmospheric condition:

    The mean relative humidity of the wettest month does not exceed 90%, and the mean minimum temperature of this month is +25℃

1.4 Symmetry of three-phase power voltage:

    For three-phase voltage regulator, its three-phase power voltages are symmetrical appropriately.

1.5 Power voltage waveform:

    The power voltage waveform is sine wave or near-sinusoidal.

1.6 Installation environment:


    No in-parallel is allowed;

    The installation (placement) site shall be free of serious vibration or jounce, and there is no gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust, dirt and other explosive or corrosive medium that seriously affect the insulation of voltage regulator.

1.7 Special working conditions failed to following the above regulations will be agreed and determined by the use unit and manufacturer.



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