CJX2F series AC contactor is mainly used in AC 50Hz or 60Hz circuit with a rated working voltage up to 1000V and with a rated working current up to 800A for remote poweron and power-off of circuit, and can be combined with the appropriate thermal overload relay to form an electromagnetic starter for protection of the circuit that overload may occur.
Available standards: IEC 60947-4-1.






Main specifications of contactor:

1.1 Divided according to the current grade: 115A, 150A, 185A, 225A, 265A, 330A, 400A, 500A, 630A,and 800A.

1.2 Divided according to the rated control power voltage Us of the contactor coil: AC 50HZ OR 60HZ, AC110V(115V), AC220V(230V), AC380V(400V); DC110V, DC220V.

Normal working conditions and installation conditions:

1.1 Ambient air temperature: -25ºC~+40ºC. The average within 24h does not exceed +35ºC.

1.2 Altitude: Not higher than 2000m.

1.3 When the maximum temperature is +40ºC, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%. Higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperatures, for example, up to 90% at 20ºC. Special measures should be taken for condensation occurred occasionally due to temperature changes;

1.4 Pollution level: 3.

1.5 Installation category: Class III.

1.6 Installation condition: The inclination between the mounting surface and the vertical plane does not exceed ±5°.

1.7 Impact vibration: The product should be installed and used in a place where there is no obvious shaking, impact and vibration.



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