FTG-12R/T125-50 Indoor High-Voltage  AC Vacuum Load Switch
FTG-12R/T125-50 Indoor High-Voltage AC Vacuum Load Switch

FTG-12R/T125-50 Indoor High-Voltage AC Vacuum Load Switch

FTG-12R/T125-50 indoor high-voltage AC vacuum load switch—fuse-combination unit (hereinafter referred to as combination unit) is a three-phase AC 50 Hz indoor switchgear with rated voltage 12kV.
The product operating mechanism is designed into an integrated structure. The operating mechanism and the primary circuit are arranged at front and back. With withdrawable design, the combination unit can be pulled out from the cabinet when troubleshooting and replacement of high-voltage fuse.


Working environment conditions:

1.1 Ambient temperature: Max. temperature is +40℃, Min. temperature is -15℃ (storage and transport at -30℃ are allowed).

1.2 Relative humidity: The daily mean is not greater than 95%, and the monthly mean is not greater than 90%; the daily average vapor pressure is ≤2.2 kPa, and the monthly average vapor pressure is ≤1.8 kPa;

1.3 Altitude: Not exceed 1,000 m.

1.4 Seismic intensity should not exceed 8 magnitude scales.

1.5 There is no obvious pollutions such as dust, smoke, corrosive gas, flammable gas, steam gas, or salt spray in the ambient air.

1.6 The magnitude of the electromagnetic interference induced in the secondary system does not exceed 1.6kV. Note: Please contact the manufacturer if the product works out of the normal working condition range.

1Distance between   open contactsmm9±1
2Contact   overtravelmm3.5±0.5
3Contact closing   bounce timems≤ 2
4Average closing   speedms0.4 ~ 0.8
5Average opening   speedm/s0.9 ~ 1.3
6Closing timems30 ~ 70
7Opening timems20 ~ 50
8Closing   asynchronousms≤ 2
9Opening   asynchronousms≤ 2
10Main circuit   resistanceμΩ≤ 250
11Center distance   between phasesmm210
12Allowable   cumulative wear thickness for moving and fixed contactsmm3


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