TGS51 Series Enclosed Direct-on-line (DOL) Starters
TGS51 Series Enclosed Direct-on-line (DOL) Starters

TGS51 Series Enclosed Direct-on-line (DOL) Starters

TGS51 series Enclosed Direct-on-line (DOL) Staters is mainly used to directly control the start, stop, positive rotation and inverse rotation of three-phase squirrel cage induction motor with AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated working voltage up to 380V and current up to 150A, and has no-voltage and overload protection functions. If equipping with a phase loss thermal relay, this stater has phase loss protection function.
Available standards: IEC 60947-4-1.

TGS51 Series Enclosed Direct-on-line (DOL) Starters





The capacities of control motors are listed in Table below:

Normal working conditions and installation conditions:

1.1 Altitude: Not exceed 2000m.

1.2 Ambient air temperature: The upper limit does not exceed +40℃ ; the lower limit does not below -5℃(-10℃ or -25℃ is also available, but this shall be specified when ordering from the manufacturer).

1.3 Atmospheric conditions: The relative humidity of atmosphere does not exceed 50% at the maximum ambient temperature of +40℃ , and a higher relative humidity at the lower temperature may be allowed; the mean monthly maximum relative humidity at the mean monthly temperature +25℃ in the wettest month can be up to 90%. The necessary measures can be taken for condensation on the product surface due to temperature changes.

1.4 Pollution class: Class 3.

1.5 Installation category: III

1.6 The inclination with the vertical plane does not exceed 5° when installation.



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