TGS3 Series Soft Starters
TGS3 Series Soft Starters

TGS3 Series Soft Starters

With the advanced CPU control technology as core, TGS3 series soft softer can realize the soft startup and soft stop of (squirrel cage) 3-phase AC asynchronous motor by controlling the SCR module and has multiple optional protection functions such as overload, input phase loss, output phase loss, load short circuit, starting current-limit overtime, overvoltage, and undervoltage protections.

TGS3 Series Soft Starters





Product parameters:

1.1 Power voltage:

3-phase AC 380V or 660V±15%, 50Hz is available for mains supply, self-provided power plate, and diesel generator unit, and the power capacity shall ensure that the soft softer satisfy the motor starting requirements.

1.2 Starting current limit: 0.5 ~ 1.5 times starting current limit.

1.3 Ramp down time: 0S ~ 60S.

1.4 Soft start initial up voltage: 30% Ue ~ 80% Ue.

1.5 Kickstart time: 0.1S.

1.6 Environment requirements

When the altitude exceeds 1000m, the capacity shall be reduced correspondingly; for more than 1000m, the current will be reduced by 0.5% by an increase of 100m; The ambient temperature is ranged -10℃ to 40℃ , and the relative humidity does not exceed 95%; Used in a well-ventilated indoors environment free of condensate, flammable or explosive gas, and conductive dust.



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