TVFE9 Series Inverter
TVFE9 Series Inverter
TVFE9 Series Inverter
TVFE9 Series Inverter
TVFE9 Series Inverter

TVFE9 Series Inverter

TVFE9 series inverter is a high-performance speed sensorless vector inverter independently developed by our company, featuring with good acceleration and deacceleration dynamic performance, high torque output at low speed (0.5Hz, 1.5 times rated torque), high overload capacity, flexible and convenient operation, PID control of positive and reverse directions, small size, and strong environmental adaptation.

TVFE9 Series Inverter





ItemTechnical specification
InputVoltageSingle-phase 220V (-15%~+15%)
Three-phase 380V (-15%~+20%)
Voltage unbalance ratio <3%
OutputVoltage0 ~ input voltage
Basic functionsFrequency commandDigital setting: 0.01Hz; Simulation setting: Max. frequency x 0.02%
Control methodOpen-looped vector control (SVC); V/F control
Starting torque1Hz/150% (SVC)
Speed adjusting range1:100 (SVC)
Speed stabilizing precision±0.5% (SVC)
Torque control precisionSVC: ±0.5% (more than 5Hz)
Torque boostTorque increased by 0.0%~20.0%
V/F curveFour ways: Linear type; multipoint type; complete V/F separation, incomplete V/F separation
Acceleration and deceleration curvesStraight line or S curve acceleration and deceleration method;
Four types of acceleration and deceleration time; acceleration and deceleration time range: 0.0~3600.0s
DC brakingDC brake starting frequency: 0.00Hz~20.00Hz;
Braking time: 0.0s~60.0s;
Braking action current value: 0.0%~100.0%
Jogging controlJogging frequency range: 0.00Hz~50.00Hz; Jogging acceleration and deceleration time 0.0s~20.0s
Simple PLC, multi-speed operationRealize at most 16 speed segments through the built-in PLC or control terminal
Built-in PIDTo easily realize the process control closed-looped control system
Auto voltage regulation (AVR)To keep the constant output voltage when the power grid voltage changes
Basic functionsOvervoltage and overcurrent speed out-of-limit controlTo limit the current and voltage automatically during operation to prevent frequent trip due to overcurrent or overvoltage
Torque limting and controlIn the vector control mode, realize the torque control, and limit the torque automatically during operation to prevent frequent trip due to overcurrent.

Product features:

5.1 With open-loop vector control technology with motor self-leaning function, realize the high-precision and stable operation of motor.

5.2 With large low-frequency torque (0.5Hz, 1.5 times rated torque), high overload capacity.

5.3 With independent air dust design for good heat dispersion, optional dust cover for good dustproof effect, and strong environmental adaption.

5.4 With low-inductance structure design, strong anti-interference performance

5.5 Standard RS485 MODBUS communication.

5.6 With multiple built-in practical functions, such as programmed operation, PID regulator, and textile swing frequency control, the machine can be used in flexible and variable applications.

5.7 With the operating time accumulation function, the relevant operating parameters can be switched for display.

5.8 With auto energy-saving operation function, the energy-saving effect is very obvious at the specific lightload application.

5.9 Simple and smooth appearance, complying with the aesthetic features of industrial product. 

5.10 With detachable keyboard, pull out the keyboard to realize remote monitoring. 

5.11 With multi-function expansion cards such as water supply card and injection molding machine card to satisfy the application requirements of multiple industries.


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