KYN28-12 Series Armored Movable AC Metal-Enclosed Switchgear
KYN28-12 Series Armored Movable AC Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

KYN28-12 Series Armored Movable AC Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

KYN28-12 indoor AC armored removable metal-enclosed switchgear is used in three-phase AC power system with rated voltage of 12kV and rated frequency of 50Hz for receiving and distributing electric energy and for control protection and monitoring of circuits.

This product complies with GB3906 "3~35kV Alternating-current metal-enclosed switchgear", GB/T 11022 "Common specifications for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear standard", and DL/T404 "Technical conditions for ordering indoor AC high-voltage switchgear".


Working environment conditions:

4.1 Ambient temperature: Max.: +40°C, Min.: -15°C (down to -45℃ under special process conditions);

4.2 Ambient humidity: daily mean < 95%, monthly mean ≤ 90%;

4.3 Altitude: no more than 1,000 meters;

4.4 Earthquake resistance: the earthquake intensity does not exceed magnitude 8;

4.5 There is no obvious pollution such as corrosion or flammable gas, and water vapor in the surrounding air;

4.6 There is no serious dirt and frequent violent vibration; the Category 1 shall be met under severe conditions; Note: If deviation of normal service conditions occurs, the customer should inform the manufacturer before production.

Rated voltagekV12
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 1min UdkVPhase-to-phase,   to earth 42, open contacts 48
Rated impulse withstand voltage, Up(peak)kVPhase-to-phase,   to earth 75, open contacts 85
Rated freq.Hz50
Rated currentA630, 1250,   1600, 2000, 2500, 3150, 4000
Rated current of branch busbarA630, 1250,   1600, 2000, 2500, 3150, 4000
Rated short-time withstand current(effective value)kA20, 25, 31.5,   40
Rated peak withstand currentkA50, 63, 80, 100
Rated short-circuit durations4
Protection grade
Housing: IP4X;   when the compartment door and circuit breaker door are open: IP2X


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